CB12 Toothpaste

CB12 toothpaste fights bad breath and strenghens teeth. Contains Sodium Fluoride. Strong Mint Flavour.
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CB12 toothpaste contains zinc and fluoride so while fighting bad breath, it provides an effective protection against cavities - also gently polishes surface stains for a whitening effect.

Benefits & Features

  • Contains zinc acetate for reducing the volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) that cause bad breath.
  • Contains 0.32% sodium fluoride (1450 ppm) for an effective protection against cavities.
  • Contains xylitol for inhibiting plaque growth.
  • Strong fresh mint flavour.

Directions & Cautions

  • Brush your teeth with CB12 toothpaste twice daily
  • CB12 toothpaste can be used as a compliment to other CB12 products
  • Children under 6 years of age and younger should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for brushing to minimise swallowing the toothpaste. In cases of taking fluoride supplements or taking fluoride from other sources, consult a doctor before use.
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