Spatone Original 100% Liquid Iron 28 sachets

Using naturally occurring iron-rich water collected from a unique source tucked away in the heart of Snowdonia National Park in Wales.
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The role of iron in our bodies is complex, iron is an essential element for blood production, but supports many other bodily functions as well. Despite it's importance, we hear less about why we need to ensure we maintain our iron levels, or even how much iron we need!

The body has no means of excreting excess iron, thus it is important to control the regulation of iron absorption in the body. In healthy individuals, iron losses are thought to be approximately 1 mg/day in males and slightly more in women of child-bearing age because of additional losses due to menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. In premenopausal women, iron is also lost in menstruation

Assuming that only 15% of dietary iron is absorbed, the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for men aged over 19 and women aged 19-50 is 8.7mg/day and 14.8mg/day respectively. The RNI falls down to 8.7mg/day for women of 50+ years.

Always read the instructions.

  • You many take a multivitamin with Spatone, but don't take it if the multivitamin also contains iron. Please be aware that many multivitamins contain iron so please check the labelling before use.

Benefits and Features

  • Iron helps form and oxygenate our blood cells and haemoglobin
  • Iron helps convert food to energy
  • Iron helps maintain a normal immune system
  • Iron contributes to normal cognitive function
  • 100% Natural, No Alcohol, Gluten Free, No preservatives, Sugar free, Easy to use, Safe for all the family, Clinically tested, Gentle on the stomach, Ideal during pregnancy, Packed in convenient daily sachets, ideal for use on the go!


  • One sachet of Spatone contains 5mg of iron which covers the daily amount of (absorbed) iron needed.
  • During pregnancy it is recommended to take up to two sachets a day.
  • Indications: For anybody who is suseptable to iron deficiency, i.e. pregnant / post-natal women, children over two years and adults, vegetarians and vegans, the active, the elderly and the health conscious.


  • Natural water with each sachet containing 5 mg of elemental iron as Fe2+
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